segunda-feira, 10 de setembro de 2012

so call me maybe

    By finding the first post full of presentations and cute little things super boring i'll pass this part ahead. With time you will know me better and that will be enough. Needless to say that my blog will spin around the world of fashion, the arts and my busy life.
  I am preparing like any other young Portuguese for back to school, and this should be the year that I desire to return to school because I will change school, to a place where I will make friends for life, and also because as I will for the 10th year going to the course of visual arts, which has always been my dream. And what I most love about this time of returning to school is to buy brand new material ready to debut. So awesome!

Good back to school (;

4 comentários:

  1. Segui Daniela, mochila lindaa :)

  2. :O nao fazia ideia que ias mudar de escola!! se é isso que gostas boa sorte então ;-) adorei o blog, segui :-)

  3. I keep hearing this song on the radio - so cheerful.